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Procedures, Rules & Regulations

Admission for all classes can be obtained by submitting application for the same, can be purchased from our office, along with TC from old school. There will be a personal interview before finalizing the admission.


The course of study in the School consists of LKG, UKG, Classes I-X. The medium of instruction is English in all classes. Minimum age for admission to LKG is 4.

Time of Work

The academic year is from June to March and is divided into 3 Terms. The daily routine of work will be

Fore-Noon Session

9.05 A.M First Bell
9.10 A.M Second Bell & Prayer
9.15 A.M to 12.45 P.M Five Periods
12.45 P.M to 1.25 P.M Noon Interval

After-Noon Session

1.20 P.M First Bell
1.20 P.M to 3.35 P.M Three Periods

All pupils and class teachers should go to their respective classes at the first bell in the fore-noon and in the after-noon.

At the end of the 8th period when the bell rings, all the pupils and teachers will stand up in perect silence for the evening prayer and after that for the National Anthem.

School Uniform

All the pupils shall wear the School Uniform

On all Wednesdays pupils shall wear Special Uniform.

KG Students have separate Uniform.


  • The School gate will be closed after the second bell ( 9.10 AM )
  • Students should be neat and clean in person and dress.
  • Class rooms and School premises should be kept neat and clean.
  • Students have to bring to class all text books, note books and other articles needed for the day.
  • The should reach the School before first bell and be prompt in taking part in the assembly before the class.
  • The have to come well prepared with all the lessons previously done and after doing the day's home work properly. There will be regular Class Test, Mim-Semester Test and Two Semester Examinations and Annual Examination. Parents must come to school on the days mentioned to meet the teachers and sighn the Evaluation Report.
  • Examinations and other programmes of evaluation are compulsory to all. Any malpractice in these evaluations will be strictly punished.
  • Politenes and courtesy of speech and conduct will be inculcated by insistence and training.
  • Quarrelsome nature, habitual idleness, dishonesty and disobedience or disrespect to teachers and elders will be very seriously viewd and dealt with accordingly.
  • No student should absent himself/herself without prior sanction.
  • Leave of absence must be obtained by written application from the parent/guardian in the prescribed "leave Record" in the School Hand Book and that too for weighty reasons only.
  • Repeated or extended absence of fifteen days or more without leave renders the student liable to have his name stuck off the rolls. Re-admission, if granted, will only be after payment of fresh admission fee.
  • Students who abstent themselves from the Semester Examination for any reason other than sickness justified by a Doctor's Certificate, will be considered as having failed for that particular examination.
  • Any damage or loss of the School property caused by the students, will be notified to their parents or guardians in time and it shall be their obligation to make good the damage.
  • Students shall not bring or wear costly ornaments, watches, mobile phones or any other electronic items to School.
  • Every student is resppnsible for the safe keeping of his or her own belongings. The school will not take up any responsibility for their loss.
  • S.Mary's Central School is an English Medium School and its medium of instruction is English. Staff and students are expected to speak only English in the School campus.
  • The school shall not be held responsible in any way for any illness, injury, accident or mishap happended to any student, but furst aid and medical assistance will be given if found necessary.
  • Students should greet with respect all teachers, staff and elders in the campus.
  • Parents and Guardians are expected to respond seriously to any acall from the School to discuss the performance of their wards. It is essential for the progress of children.
  • Leave of absence and special permission to leave the campus should be sanctioned only by the Pricipal
  • Co-curricular activites are arranged on Thursdays ( 1.30 - 3.30 )
  • All students should go for Assembly immediately after the first bell on Wednesdays. Strict silence should be observed.
  • Parents and guardians should not visit the teachers in the class rooms without the permission of the Principal.
  • Pupils will not be given leave for social functions. When an absence is unavoidable, due to sickness, leave application printed in the Daiary, duly signed by the parent, should be brought the next day.
  • Text books and Note Books will be supplied from the school on payment of the cost.
  • Pupils should wait for the School Bus in their respective collecting centres by the road side at least five minutes earlier. If anybody is found missing at the time of departure of the bus, he/she alone will be responsible for it.
  • Only students from Std.V are allowed to wear wrist watches in the school.


Permanent Teachers

Name Contact No.
Mrs.Lisamma P.S (VP) 0481-2322131 / 94477 82263
Mrs.Molly Alex 0481-2380236 / 94006 80236
Mrs.Beena Cherian 0481 2517742 / 94469 67890
Mrs.Binu ( Aleyamma Thomas ) 0481 2434386 / 99464 66457
Mrs.Soji.C.Eapen 0481 2584674 / 90371 09894
Mrs.Mary Anthrayose 0481-2556305 / 82812 82032
Mrs.Bindu Reji 0481-2360375 / 97442 08503
Bindu Abraham 0481-2571258 / 97456 65343
Mrs.Sreeja Ruby 97440 44401 / 98470 78782
Mrs.Annie Mathew 0481-2568843 / 97467 71021
Mrs.Jitha.S 94478 15225
Sheeja.K.S 99468 00767
Mrs.Nazni.P.A 97453 58584
Mrs.Geethu Vijayan (Comp) 94968 01271

Nursery Teachers

Name Contact No.
Mrs.Shylamma Varghese 97468 31651
Mrs.Suja.P.Abraham 95672 43696
Mrs.Rachel Biju 0481-2461082 / 98478 70933

Part Time Teachers

Name Contact No.
Mrs.Mini Thomas ( Maths ) 94960 81512
Mrs.Mrudula Mathew ( Phy ) 85472 89742
Mr.K.Thankappan ( PT ) 94969 57003


Name Contact No.
Mrs.Mini Mathew 94978 22526


Name Contact No.
Mrs.Nisha Scaria 0481-3161385 / 98471 39527
Mrs.Alice Babu (Aswathi) 0481-3267336 / 97445 61469
Mrs.Aleyamma (Neena) 96459 03812